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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Battle Report: Apocalypse Club Game

The Apocalypse game at my local club was an awesome day of gaming. I brought my 3000 pts of Mechdar to rumble with Astra Militarum, Space Marines, Tau, Necrons, Eldar, Dark Eldar alongside my dubious Ork and Tyranid allies—and a Warlord Titan!

The day started with four players and roughly 18,000 pts per team. I had a 5000 pts Tyranid army and two 5000 pts Ork armies fighting alongside my Eldar. I think there were about 400 infantry models on my side of the table at the start of the game, and my meagre twelve tanks and three flyers.

But my small force did very well for itself, accounting for half the enemy Eldar and Astra Militarum armies, their whole Tau army, and most of their Space Marine heavy armour. All the Ignores Cover firepower on my Wave Serpents, Warp Hunters and Night Spinner worked extremely well in the ruin-covered flank I was assigned to hold for my team.

One of our Space Marine opponents had made the critical mistake of deploying his Chapter Master unattached to a squad, hidden (or so he thought!) behind a Land Raider. The game started with my Crimson Death formation zooming in to draw line of sight over the heavy tank to the vulnerable Warlord. A storm of precision laser fire vaporised the unfortunate Chapter Master and scored my team 3 VP right away—1 VP each for First Blood, Warlord and the Crimson Death formation bonus.

The Imperials struck back against the Crimson Death with a Vulture and Stormtalon, and the massed firepower of the Ultramarine ground forces. Only a single Crimson Hunter was destroyed by the Imperial counter-strike, but as it crashed and burned it killed several of my Ork allies! The remaining Eldar flyers left combat airspace to return later in the game in support of my own flank.

I moved my Cloudstrike Squadron into the middle of our battle line to support the Orks advancing on a wall of Land Raiders and Astra Militarum armour. Between the Supercharged formation rule giving all their Pulse Laser and Bright Lance shots Twin-Linked and Lance, and the Arrowhead Attack Pattern giving them Tank Hunter, this unit carved through the Imperial armour and allowed the Orks to rip into their unprotected infantry.

A late-arriving player was invited to join our opposition with his Necron army. To balance the addition, our Warlord Titan was brought into play, with devastating effect!

Meanwhile, on my flank, I dismantled a succession of armies: Astra Militarum, Eldar and Dark Eldar, more Astra Militarum, and finally Tau. The game began with just a trio of Basilisks, a squad of Dark Reapers and a squad of Kabalites deployed opposite my massed Eldar armour... they did not last long!

A squad of Warp Spiders led by an Autarch, and a squad of Scourges with Haywire Blasters and Heat Lances, arrived by Deep Strike to avenge the Reapers and Kabalites. The Spiders failed to destroy the jinking Serpent they targeted, but a lucky shot from a Scourge's Heat Lance exploded a Warp Hunter.

Retribution was swift, however, with my Fire Dragons and Dire Avengers disembarking to slay the enemy infantry threatening my armour.

By this stage, my team was building a sizeable VP lead. Having the first turn had enabled us to take and hold most of the midfield Objectives early.

I had secured the entire left flank with my Eldar armour, when half an Astra Militarum army arrived from Reserve to avenge the Basilisk Battery I had destroyed earlier.

Led by an Inquisitor, an outflanking Platoon of Guardsmen arrived behind some of my tanks and blasted away with melta, plasma and autocannon fire. Unluckily for the Astra Militarum, my jinking Serpent survived on a single HP...

Neither the outflanking Platoon or the other Astra Militarum units that had attacked my forces survived the next turn. The left flank was secure once more, when a late-arriving player was invited to bring his Tau army on to join the battle, and he chose to attack my Eldar.

The Tau lasted for a couple of turns; a Commander with a big squad of Marker Drones, plus a few squads of Pathfinders, lit up a few of my tanks with Markerlights to deny them their jink saves from the onslaught of his Riptide, Broadsides and Hammerheads. Suddenly faced with a serious threat, I brought the Crimson Death and Cloudstrike Squadron back onto my flank from where they had been supporting my allies in the middle of the battlefield. The return of all that S8 AP2 firepower dealt with the Riptides and Broadsides very effectively. A couple of turns later and the left flank was mine again.

It was late in the day by this stage so we wrapped up the battle. My team had won convincingly with 40 VP to 18 VP being the final score. I would like to think my Eldar made a big contribution, but most of the damage was actually caused my our side's Warlord Titan, Stompa, and horde of Nids that emerged from Trygon tunnels in the midst of the enemy battle lines.

This game was a great way to spend a day, and I'm looking forward to our next club Apocalypse game.


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