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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Review: Heroes of Sanctus Reach

Earlier this week, Black Library ran a promotion to encourage subscriptions to its Games Workshop Digital Editions newsletter. The incentive they offered to sign up by Friday was a free copy of their new digital supplement Heroes of Sanctus Reach, advertised to contain "new background, Datasheets and a new Mission set".

I received an email this morning containing the download links for my free copy of this new digital supplement. Given that Sanctus Reach was the campaign that unleashed the infamous Adamantine Lance Formation on to the battlefields, I had high hopes that this freebie might contain a similar gem.

Damn, was I disappointed.

If you missed out on getting Heroes of Sanctus Reach, let me reassure you right now, you're not missing out on anything. The total content of this 'supplement' comprises:

  • A single Mission
  • A reprint of Ragnar Blackmane's Datasheet from Codex Space Wolves
  • A Datasheet for a unique squad of Blood Claws, which is just a regular squad from Codex Space Wolves with preset wargear
  • A reprint of Kaptin Badrukk's Datasheet from Codex Orks
  • A Datasheet for a unique squad of Flash Gitz, which is just a regular squad from Codex Orks with preset wargear
  • A reprint of all the special rules from Codex Space Wolves and Codex Orks that are directly relevant to the included Datasheets
And that's it!

The "new background" is literally just a single paragraph of flavour text in the Mission.

The "new Datasheets" are reprints from Codexes.

The "new Mission set" is a single new Mission.

It's a very good thing that this was a free download, or else I expect Black Library would be drowning in false advertising complaints right now!

I probably shouldn't be so disappointed about a free download, but I really think this was a huge missed opportunity for GW to promote their emerging eRules renaissance to those players still clinging desperately to their tangible rulebooks (and VHS players... and spinning looms...)