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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Project: Astra Militarum Update #1

My hobby time continues to be limited, and I have had very few opportunities to paint these last couple of weeks. I have instead been working on building lots of models so I can continue to use the batch painting method once I can paint again.

Here is a picture of my Company Commander. He is mostly built from the excellent bitz in the Tempestus Scions kit, with the addition of a Cadian laspistol and a Victoria Miniatures Officer Head.

I have built enough Guardsmen to make a Company Command Squad with Meltaguns and two Veteran Squads with Plasma Guns. Next I will build three Chimeras, and then maybe a couple of Devil Dogs.

I will paint one Chimera as a test model for my vehicles, and then hopefully I can churn out several tanks fairly quickly. I enjoy painting vehicles far more than infantry—just look at the twelve tanks, three flyers and two infantry in my Eldar army!


  1. Sweet conversion. I love that overcoat on the Scion; used it to make a Vostroyan Creed.

  2. This guy just looks so epic. Love the stance and head choice. Going to look great painted up.