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Sunday, 28 December 2014

WIP: Eldar Jetbike Autarch #1

A while ago I was lucky enough to procure a handful of the infamous 'Russian' Jetbikes, the replica of the Jes Goodwin prototype models first seen back in 2008 but never released by GW, now occasionally available on eBay from Russia. These are exceptionally well-cast resin models and look really sleek and fast—very Eldar, very sexy. I don't understand why GW never released these guys!

I don't mind the classic Jetbike model, as long as it's converted with a modern Guardian pilot, but I plan to use these alternative Jetbikes for special models like Shining Spears or an Autarch.

I want to use a Jetbike Autarch in an upcoming tournament so I thought I'd use this as incentive to build and paint a suitable model. I combined bitz from the Dire Avenger Exarch kit with the Russian Jetbike rider's legs to convert the Autarch. The Jetbike is unmodified, except for the hole I drilled into its undercarriage for the flying base rod. The flying base is a 40mm resin base from Secret Weapon and the rod is a metal one from Modifx—no fragile plastic rods here!

I'm going to break from the Ulthwe colour scheme of my Eldar army to paint this Autarch in Saim Hann colours; this will be the first step in my (crazy) long-term plan to convert my Eldar to a different Craftworld. In the mid-term future I intend to paint all my Jetbikes in Saim Hann colours, and maybe repaint a Crimson Hunter or two as well, so I have a small themed Saim Hann army. I may decide later to repaint my vehicles and unify my Eldar army in Saim Hann colours, or I could leave my Eldar split into two smaller forces—I'll decide that down the track.

I should have more pictures of the Jetbike itself over the next few days, and the rider will come after that. After so much Astra Militarum painting I really should recalibrate to my Eldar style before I start on an important centrepiece model.


  1. Nice start mate. Totally agree with you, I can't understand why GW have not release the original themselves; I like the classic bike, but that is a beauty. The base looks great too.

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you like it. It looks even better in red and I hope to post pics of the finished Jetbike soon. I'm looking forward to the (distant) day when I have all 30 of my Jetbikes all painted up!