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Friday, 19 December 2014

WIP: Void Shield Generator #2

Here are some update shots of my Void Shield Generator.

I used the sponging technique to weather the paintwork and make the Void Shield Generator look like it's been exposed to harsh desert conditions for a while, and to conceal some of the surface blemishes on the model.

It took a few attempts to get the sponging technique right. I started off just using GW Mechanicus Standard Grey as the chipping colour, but this did not show up well against the AP Army Green basecoat. I had more success after I added a couple of drops of black paint to the grey; I didn't mix these to a consistent colour, but instead just swirled them together so the sponging looked more mottled and natural, and generally darker against the green,

I concentrated the chipping on panel edges but also picked a few of the flat panels to look sand-blasted. I think I'll be more conservative when I weather my Chimeras, and concentrate on just the panel edges around the undercarriage. I think the extra weathering on the Void Shield Generator looks fine since it is a building exposed to the elements, and would not have the luxury of regular maintenance in a sheltered hangar.

I need to paint the base AP Desert Yellow and then drybrush it up with AP Skeleton Bone to match the basing of my Eldar and Astra Militarum armies. I will then wash the whole model with Quickshade Strong Tone to shade the recesses and filter the raised surfaces. The filter effect of Quickshade really improves the colour of AP Army Green, changing it from a mint tone to a military olive tone. Quickshade also modulates the colour on large flat surfaces, which adds to the weathered appearance by making the paintwork look like it is ageing in patches. I'm hoping that it will also emphasise the chipping.

The white spots will be painted as yellow/orange lights after the the Quickshade has been applied. There is no point painting these lights, or any of the OSL effects from the generator core, until after the washing since I don't want brown pigment dirtying the bright areas.

I think this guy is coming along nicely, and I hope to have it finished in the next few days.


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