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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Project: Astra Militarum Update #2

It's been six weeks since my last Astra Militarum project update so I'm well overdue for another one! Unfortunately I have not achieved as much as I had hoped, mostly because I was invited to a tournament and so I spent my hobby time building and painting a Void Shield Generator and Jetbike Autarch to use with my Eldar army.

So how far have I come over the last month? I must to admit that I have not yet finished another Astra Militarum model—but I have assembled quite a few in preparation for painting. This is what I have built so far:

Company Command Squad with three Plasmas Gunners and a Colour Sergeant

Veteran Squad with three Plasma Gunners

Veteran Squad with three Melta Gunners

Partial Veteran Squad with three Melta Gunners

Two Chimeras

I have also built a couple of special extra models that I won't be revealing just yet...

My immediate plans are to finish off that third Veteran Squad and build a couple of Taurox to transport the two Meltagun squads. After that I want to build a Manticore and a Wyvern—I was lucky enough to swap my second Manticore kit for the golden child of the new Codex. All that should give me enough models to start playing:
Company Command Squad [185]
Company Commander, Colour Sergeant with Company Standard, Three Veterans with Plasma Guns, Chimera
Veteran Squad [170]
Sergeant, Three Veterans with Plasma Guns, Six Veterans with Lasguns, Chimera
Veteran Squad [140]
Sergeant, Three Veterans with Meltaguns, Six Veterans with Lasguns, Taurox
Veteran Squad [140]
Sergeant, Three Veterans with Meltaguns, Six Veterans with Lasguns, Taurox
Manticore [170]
Wyvern [65]
870 pts
I can easily add enough wargear to bring the list total up to 1000 pts for some skirmish games.

The big challenge with building this mini-army will be creating a couple of Taurox that don't look craptacular. I plan to use the Victoria Miniatures APC Wheel and Suspension kit and an alternative Autocannon from Anvil Industries to augment the stock Taurox kit; my vision is of a Protected Mobility Vehicle with a remote weapon mount. If I can successfully turn that vision into reality it will provide the basis of another good modelling tutorial.

A quick good word for Anvil Industries: I emailed them asking for a special order of the Autocannon I wanted without the rest of the gun tractor that it is normally sold with. They responded quickly and positively, charged a very reasonable price for the special order, and I received my bitz very quickly too. I highly recommend these guys, both for the quality of their miniatures and customer service. I've also noticed that they've started selling their heavy weapons without the gun tractor, so if you want to replicate my conversion then it should be very easy to source the bitz.

Of course, I'll still have to paint all this! I really want to avoid playing with unfinished models in this army—a big part of my incentive to finish all these models—but I'm also itching to play some games with something other than my Eldar. Back to the workbench...


  1. Good to always hear about a company providing excellent customer service. I quite like how everyone does their taurox's a bit differently, looking forward to yours!

  2. Yes both companies are very easy to deal with and produce great minis/bitz. It's definitely a good time to be a hobbiest; I can't imagine trying to build a fully converted AM/IG army like mine just a few years ago.

  3. I think I owe you pics of quite a few finished models now! Soon, I hope, very soon.