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Sunday, 25 January 2015

WIP: Astra Militarum Taurox Conversion #2

I made good progress on my Taurox conversion today. The main assembly process is complete and this guy is ready for some spray primer. The wheels, side and rear steps, and exhaust pipes have not been glued on yet since I will spray those black while the rest of the vehicle will be sprayed AP Skeleton Bone.

The key modifications I have made to the kit include:

  • Replacing the weird GW track-pods with Victoria Miniatures wheels and suspension
  • Using the howitzer from the Anvil Industry gun tractor kit as an Autocannon remote weapon system
  • Covering the viewports with plasticard windows
I really like how this conversion is turning out. The Anvil Industry gun really fits the aesthetic of the Taurox; I was concerned how small the weapon was when I first saw it but I think it looks realistic on this vehicle, as a heavy machine gun on a protected mobility vehicle. As far as WYSIWYG goes, if anyone questions why the twin-linked Autocannon only has one barrel, I can justify the reroll to-hit by the numerous targeters on the weapon.

I drilled a hole into the Taurox roof for the base of the weapon to sit it, so it can rotate like a mini-turret. I'm glad this worked as planned since the big blocky turret on the stock Taurox kit was the second-worst looking thing on the model to my eyes (after the track-pods, of course).

As for the addition of windows, I was never a fan of the stock Taurox having more holes in its chassis than a block of swiss cheese. Considering that my Guardsmen are fighting on a desert world, the addition of windows should keep a lot of sand out of uncomfortable places...

Once this guy is primed and the remaining bits attached, I will add plenty of stowage to complete the aesthetic of a 'lived-in' transport.


  1. I'm liking the conversions. I love how everyone makes the taurox's their own!

  2. Great idea using the Anvil cannon, it's going to look awesome - I used them for my heavy weapon teams but never occurred to me to use them on the Taurox!

  3. Thanks, it was really just an experiment that turned out better than expected. I was surprised at how small the Anvil heavy weapons are but I think it fits the scale of the Taurox quite well.