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Sunday, 1 February 2015

WIP: Astra Militarum Taurox Conversion #3

As promised, more WIP shots of my wheeled Taurox conversion using the Victoria Miniatures wheels and Anvil Industry autocannon. I'm not going to get this guy finished this weekend as hoped, since I still need to paint and attach lots of stowage bits before I wash it with Army Painter Quickshade, apply decals, and paint all the 'glass' (windscreens, viewports, etc.)

I took a subtle approach to the weathering, using a sponging technique with a muddled black and GW Mechanicus Standard Grey paint mix. I concentrated on the 'friction areas': open corners, leading edges, undercarriage and access points. I'm not a fan of excessive weathering; I think that a professional military force like a Cadian Regiment would take pretty good care of their vehicles with field maintenance, so I only weather the areas that would be constantly suffering from paint deterioration and leave clean the areas that would only occasionally get scratched or scraped.

The rear hatch is the main access point on the Taurox and so it received fairly heavy weathering. Too many troopers scraping their rifles and gear across the paintwork as they scramble in and out of their transport!

The side hatches are secondary access points so they get lighter weathering.

The front of the Taurox gets a bit of weathering too, since I've modelled it without the ugly bumper that comes with the stock kit. I haven't gone overboard with the paint chipping, however, since this guy has pretty high suspension and shouldn't be scraping too many rocks.

The undercarriage gets heavy weathering for obvious reasons. I could have taken it further, but I generally don't spend too much time on the undersides of models that will rarely be seen. These are gaming models, not display pieces.

Back to work on the stowage, then the wash and finishing touches!


  1. Good article! There seems to be some debate on the internet whether the Solitaire can benefit from both the Kiss and Caress on the same turn. I think the wording is clear that he can as the Kiss grants an ability, but was wondering what your thoughts on this are.

  2. Thanks! I haven't seen any debate myself, but it looks pretty clear to me: both the Kiss and Embrace state, "a model equipped with a [X] [does Y]" which is worded very differently to the Caress, which states, "[attacks] made by a weapon with this special rule [do Z]". To me this indicates that the Kiss and Embrace grant the equipped model a rule that applies even when a different weapon is used to make close combat attacks (as per Rulebook p41, 'More Than One Weapon').

    Therefore, if the Solitare chooses to attack with its Caress, it must resolve one attack seperately as a 'Kiss of Death' (equipped model rule) and the remaining attacks have the 'Caress of Death' rule (weapon rule).

  3. This is exactly my thinking! The debate elsewhere is that people cant use a rule for a weapin they are not using, but the rules seem clear to me and the wording is deliberate as you described above.

    Can't wait to use these guys and for this week's releases!

  4. It's true that you can only use one weapon at a time, but when a weapon confers a rule to the equipped model, that rule doesn't go away while a different weapon is being used.

  5. Yeah this makes complete sense. I think some people misinterpret it as using the weapon if you use the rule but the rule applies to the model (like Eldrad's Spiritlink on his staff or Iriel's curse on his spear).

  6. Looking good. That autocannon looks great! I like your heavy weathering, but look forward to your final touches. I'm expecting the washes will add a lot more variance to the main panels.

  7. I think the fact they are gonna be a faction in and of themselves is the biggest plus they could have

  8. Yes I will wait until we see all the units, psychic powers, relics and any Formations they might get before I pass final judgement. Being able to add small Harlequin forces into other armies could be the key to their competitive success, e.g. adding some ranged Haywire via the Skyweavers.