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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Hobby: Astra Militarum Alternative Artillery Carriage [Updated]

Since my last post on this topic, the Reaper Bones III Kickstarter campaign has achieved (and exceeded) the stretch goal to unlock the artillery carriage kit shown above. I have pledged for three carriages for the bargain price of only $90. If you want some of these sweet guns for yourself then I recommend you pledge before it's too late!

The Victoria Miniatures Facebook page also showed off a prototype for a tracked carriage, which may better suit the aesthetic of some Astra Militarum armies:

With either wheels or tracks, I like that the whole model fits neatly onto what looks like a Knight-sized GW oval base. Basing an artillery piece makes gaming much smoother, since you can just measure ranges to the base an avoid the risk of shenanigans (by either player) measuring to and from that long gun barrel.

This Kickstarter campaign has only 16 hours left, so check it out soon if you're interested in getting some artillery carriages for your own Astra Militarum army.


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