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Friday, 17 July 2015

Hobby: Astra Militarum Alternative Artillery Carriage

Victoria Miniatures has just unveiled a new artillery carriage kit that would make a perfect Astra Militarum Heavy Artillery Carriage (Imperial Armour Volume 2). This new plastic kit will initially be available as part of the Reaper Miniatures Bones III Kickstarter campaign for the amazing price of only $30.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign is still about $50k short of unlocking this kit, but I'm sure it will cross that threshold in its final week. I'm pledging for three carriages.

If you haven't seen the rules for Heavy Artillery Carriage Batteries, they are an Astra Militarum Heavy Support choice comprising one to three guns. You can choose either Earthshaker Cannon for 75 pts each or Medusa Siege Guns for 100 pts each. Each gun comes with four Guardsmen crew, and the guns and crew together form an Artillery unit, so those Guardsmen essentially become T7 ablative wounds. Extra crew can be purchased cheaply to pad out the squad, and the whole unit can take Camo Netting for a flat 30 pts, giving them a healthy 3++ cover save if deployed in ruins or behind an Aegis. The guns themselves also have W4 instead of the typical W2 of most Artillery, so the unit is really quite resilient to shooting.

I would then add a nice cheap Psyker Inquisitor to the Battery for Ld10 Stubborn, plus Prescience and a chance at Perfect Timing.

The beauty of Artillery Batteries is that they can take Orders—so Tank Hunter, Monster Hunter, and Ignores Cover are all quite reliably accessible to these heavy-hitters.

I guess I'll be waiting a while for this Kickstarter to deliver, but I'm looking forward to getting hold of these sweet kits, and getting them onto the tabletop.


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