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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Battle Report: Imperial Knights vs. Necrons

Round two! After being annihilated by Tau in round one, my second game saw my 1500 pts Imperial Knights list matched against a Necron Decurion in a progressively-scored table quarters mission.

Round Two: Table Quarters vs. Necrons

My opponent's list looked something like this:
Orikan the Diviner
Overlord on Foot
Overlord in Barge
Lychguard with Shields
Two Warrior squads (one in Ghost Ark)
Two Immortal squads
Tomb Blade squad
Canoptek Harvest

At first I was really worried about all that Gauss just ripping my Knights apart as quickly as the Tau had—but it turned out that only the Warriors were packing Gauss and everything else had brought Tesla. The Canoptek Harvest Formation is always a threat, Barge Overlords are very hard to kill, and I was worried that the Lychguard-star could tarpit my Knights.

I chose to give my opponent first turn, and I did not attempt to Seize—I really wanted them to get a bit closer so I could charge as soon as possible. My opponent concentrated most of their force on their left flank, with just the Wraiths and Tomb Blades on their right; I spread my Knights and held both Astra units in Reserve, given that table quarter scoring did not start until turn two.

My opponents first order of business was to Veil the Lych-star across the table to behind my Lancer. The Wraiths advanced aggressively, the Tomb Blades started swinging out on the flank, and the main body of the Necron force advanced. Their shooting was ineffectual.

I briefly considered charging the Lych-star with a couple of Knights to knock them out of the game nice and early, then I remembered that they are super-slow, don't shoot, and I could just deal with them later. My Lancer instead advanced on the Wraiths and the other two Knights closed on the main Necron force.

The Acheron and Castigator killed a handful of Warriors and Immortals respectively, including a few Warriors inside the Ark thanks to the No Escape rule when my template hit the open-topped transport. The Acheron pulled off a long charge to kill the rest of the Warrior squad in close combat, and the Lancer likewise charged and killed all-but-one Wraith on the other flank.

The Lych-star started chasing the Lancer, and the rest of the Necron army re-positioned to shoot the other two Knights. Unfortunately for my opponent, with half his Gauss already dead, his remaining guns failed to destroy any Knights, although the Castigator was in danger with only 2 HP remaining. The Scarabs charged the Acheron but were slaughtered before their initiative step, and the Lancer finished the last Wraith. Further compounding his woes this turn, my opponent discovered that all his squads that were straddling the border between two table quarters did not contribute to scoring, and that my Objective Secured Knights counted as two units each for scoring—the Necrons scored only a single VP this turn.

My Company Command Squad arrived from Reserve and immediately disembarked and shot most of an Immortal squad dead. My Lancer ganked the Tomb Spyder, the Acheron likewise dealt with the Ghost Ark, and my Castigator moved to screen my Astra from the Barge Overlord and finish off the Immortals. Very luckily for me, the dismounted Warriors failed their Ld10 Pinning test. Thanks to my distributed Objective Secured Knights, I scored the maximum possible 4 VP this turn.

Things were looking pretty bad for my opponent. His Lych-star and Barge Overlord were still going, but nearly everything else was dead. The Lych-star kept on walking towards the Lancer, the pinned Warriors failed to do any damage, and the Barge killed most of my Company Command and their Taurox. The Tomb Spyders were relatively safe in my deployment zone and scored my opponent 2 VP for that quarter.

I consolidated my Knights in the enemy deployment zone and mopped up the remaining Immortals. The Veterans had arrived and dismounted to melta the Barge, but of course the Overlord tanked those hits to save his transport—all my shooting only managed to take a single wound. More importantly, I scored another 3 VP, and my lead was really becoming insurmountable for my opponent.

The Barge Overlord charged and slaughtered my Veterans, and the Necrons claimed another 3 VP for table quarters—they seemed to be keeping pace, but since I had gone second I was effectively a whole turn ahead in scoring.

My remaining infantry jumped into my remaining Taurox and took ineffective plasma pot-shots at the Barge. The Acheron flamed and killed a single Lychguard, and the combined firepower of the Castigator and Lancer got the Barge Overlord down to its last wound. The Castigator then charged in and finally finished the job. My VP total kept ticking up.

The game was effectively over at this point, but it was finally time for the grand melee my opponent had tried to set up all game. The Lych-star charged the Acheron and got it down to 1 HP, losing a couple of Lychguard in the process. The nearby Lancer then charged into the back of the Lych-star and issued a challenge, which resulted in the Overlord on foot getting insta-gibbed by Hammer of Wrath. A flurry of D attacks and Stomps by the two Knights finished off Orikan and the remaining Lychguard, and the day was won.


This battle ran the opposite to my last against Tau; no Knights died and the entire enemy army perished. I really enjoy the decisive nature of playing primary Knights—either you get tabled or your opponent does, but either way, it happens fast! This is a really nice change from your typical 40k tournament game that runs for 2.5 hours and often only sees four or five turns played out.

My opponent noted their critical mistake of teleporting his slow deathstar behind my army on turn one—I simply ran into his lines and carnage ensued while his best defensive melee unit ran back to their starting position. If the Lych-star had formed a defensive screen in front of the shooty Necrons, and used their Veil strategically to grab VP in late game, I think this battle would have run very differently.


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