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Saturday, 17 December 2016

WIP: Tyrant Siege Terminators #1

It's been a crazy week for me so here is just a quick update on the progress of my new Heresy Era Iron Warriors project.

This is the first half of a Tyrant Siege Terminator squad, an Iron Warriors unique unit that comprises 5-10 Cataphractii Terminators all armed with a Cyclone Missile Launcher. That's right, a full-sized squad of these guys pumps out 20 S8 AP3 missiles every turn! There are a couple of character options that let you buff them up to BS5 and Tank Hunters, so that is some serious damage potential—albeit for a serious sum of points. The Age of Darkness Legiones book is inconsistent in defining their battlefield role, as it states they are an Elites choice in the Iron Warriors Legion rules, then lists their unit entry in the Heavy Support section. I've emailed a query to Forge World but haven't heard back yet.

Forge World don't sell a Tyrant Siege Terminator kit so I kitbashed these guys from a Betrayal at Calth plastic Cataphractii Terminator squad. I added Forge World Iron Warriors shoulder pads and Anvil Industry missile launchers, which needed some trimming to get a nice close fit but look really great on Cataphractii.

Here is how they looked before primer—you can clearly see the differences between GW plastic, FW resin and Anvil Industry resin. Despite the differences in material, all were very well-cast and building this squad only took a couple of nights.

I primed these miniatures using Rust-Oleum flat grey primer spray, which I had heard good things about but never tried before. It turned out that I had a couple of cans of the stuff already—originally destined to prime some timber for a yard project—so one was quickly re-assigned to hobby duties! It turns out that this stuff is amazing; it covers so well and evenly, and it feels like it will be a really good surface to paint on. In fact, I think this Rust-Oleum primer is equivalent in quality to the far more expensive and difficult-to-source Tamiya primers.

My next steps are to build the next five members of this squad, then convert a Cataphractii-armoured character to lead them. My planned painting scheme is to spray them with Leadbelcher, then heavily drybrush with Ironbreaker and lightly drybrush with Stormhost Silver. The leather pteurges will be a dark brown with a quick edge highlight, the shoulder pads will get the Iron Warriors archetypal black-and-yellow hazard striping, and the gold trim will be done in Retributor Armour. I might find some 'mechanical' details on the armour to differentiate with Warplock Bronze. Then the entire model will be washed with an even mixture of Gloss Nuln Oil, Gloss Agrax Earthshade and Klear. I think this recipe should result in a cold, dark iron with warm gold accents, that should look nice and striking on the tabletop whilst being quick and easy to paint. I've seen some other Iron Warriors armies given the heavy weathering treatment, but I think I'd rather channel the brutal, efficient killer vibe over the dirty trench warfare vibe.

With Christmas and all its associated family obligations rapidly approaching, it may be a little while longer until my next update, but I'll show off more progress as soon as I can.


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