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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Analysis: Exploiting 8th Ed, 31" Infantry Charge

GW did a pretty good job at constraining combo potential in the 8th Ed ruleset, based on the Faction keyword system; however, where that system is relaxed, exploit opportunities present themselves. This time we'll look at how to make a 31"+ with some Imperium Infantry.

Grav-Chute Insertion

The normal rules for transports make Infantry disembark at the start of the movement phase—before the transport moves—but then those Infantry can move, shoot and charge normally that turn. Nice and simple, and normally pretty hard to exploit.

The Astra Militarum / Aeronautica Imperialis Valkyrie, however, has a special rule that allows Infantry to disembark at any point during its 20"+ move. This rule offers a lot of tactical flexibility, but taken to the extreme, it also allows a squad to disembark 3" forward of a Valk that already moved 20", then move, shoot and charge normally in accordance with the transport rules!

Of course, the Valk is Faction-limited to Astra Militarum, and Guardsmen are not feared in close combat. It can only carry a paltry three Ogryns, and that is barely a threat. So the potential for a 23"+6" move before charging another 2-12" isn't really much to worry about...

Authority of the Inquisition

But of course, GW love to drop in exceptions to their own rules—and that's typically where the trouble starts! The Inquisition Faction has a special rule that allows them to freely embark on nearly any Imperium transport, such as the Valkyrie. This means that most Inquisition rules can also benefit from a 29" move before shooting or charging.

So how can we load up a Valkyrie as rudely as possible? How about Coteaz, Greyfax, and ten Inquisitors with force weapons? Or squads of up to six Acolytes with Incinerators, Storm Bolters, or Thunder Hammers? Or some combination of these?

And as a final bonus, if you want to null deploy and get first turn, a Valk loaded with twelve Inquisitors counts as a single deployment drop but allows you to Tactical Reserve up to thirteen other units...


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